Drake Bay Resort is located in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica, also known as the Osa Peninsula. The Osa truly was and still is one of Costa Rica’s final frontiers and it’s lush green forests and living rivers hide much mystery, beauty, and adventure.


How To Get There

There are three primary means of transportation to Drake Bay, Costa Rica. The most popular and fastest way to get to Drake Bay is by taking a plane from San Jose directly to the town of Drake Bay. The plan ride takes approximately 1.5 hours. The next most popular route is to drive or bus to the southern town of Palmar Norte then Sierpe where a boat ride will take you to Drake Bay Resort. The bus takes approximately 5 hours. The additional boat ride takes approximately 1 hour for a total trip time of 6-7 hours.


The final option is to drive directly to Drake Bay. This option is possible but is recommended only for the most adventurous. It requires a four wheel drive vehicle to make the trip. If traveling from San Jose, the drive will take over 7 hours. The 7 hour drive includes crossing multiple rivers including one river with depth around 3-4 feet and a width of more than 70 feet. During the rainy season, this river occasionally floods making it impassible for hours at a time. Driving to Drake Bay also requires 3 hours of mountainous driving on winding, dirt, single-lane Costa Rican roads. If all this sounds like a great adventure, then go for it. Otherwise, we recommend taking the boat or airplane option mentioned above.